NoBo verification status extension

NoBo verification status extension; now we are also present in the Rolling Stock area

Our company extended its existing designation at the beginning of 2022, and since February it has also been authorised to carry out DeBo conformity assessment in the Rolling Stock (RST) area. Our organisation has further progressed, as in June it has now also obtained the authorisation to assess the RST subsystem in the NoBo area.

Our tasks in the Rolling Stock (RST) subsystem

In relation to the verification of the interoperability requirements of the European Union, the following tasks and procedures concerning the Rolling Stock (RST) subsystem can be carried out:

  • the procedure for issuing the EC certificate of verification or suitability for use of the interoperability constituents of the European rail system for the rolling stock subsystem,
  • the EC verification procedure for the Rolling Stock subsystem of the subsystems of the European rail system.

Our role in EC procedures

Our company verifies, tests and certifies the conformity for use or suitability for use of the interoperability constituent, as defined in the relevant Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs), during the EC conformity or suitability for use procedure. In addition, it assesses the design and manufacture of the interoperability constituent and issues to the Client an EC certificate of verification or suitability for use in accordance with the applicable assessment module.

During the EC verification procedure, we check, examine and certify that the subsystem complies with the Directive and other requirements deriving from the Contract, thereby attesting its suitability for placing in service. We assess the design and manufacture of the subsystem and issue the EC certificate of verification to the Applicant.

Our aim is to harmonise the domestic rail system with EU standards of transport

Over the past 4 years, our organisation has grown dynamically, both in terms of the number of professionals and the scope of its activities. Since the beginning our aim was to provide a comprehensive certification service for the railway industry. We strive to promote the harmonisation of the national railway system with EU transport by means of high quality conformity assessment and independent assessment activities carried out by national and international experts. As an independent organisation, we carry out our tasks in a dedicated manner, with transparency and reproducibility in accordance with the relevant standards.