Újabb kiemelt jelentőségű projekteket zárt sikerrel a RailCert Hungary Kft.

RailCert Hungary Kft. has successfully completed high priority projects

Since our establishment in 2018, we have been delighted to be able to fulfil the mandates of an increasing number of domestic and foreign Partners and to carry out our certification activities as an independent organisation. We ensure the timely completion of an increased number of projects and maintain the high quality of our certification work by increasing the number of our experts proportionally. Teamwork is of the utmost importance to us, otherwise we would not have been able to successfully close  milestone day of 22 August 2022.

One of our major projects this year was the full compliance assessment of the licensing plans for the Kiskunfélegyháza-Szeged-Rendező railway line section. The works related to this section included speed increase from the current 100 km/h to 160 km/h, sectional double track upgrading, renovation/conversion of level crossings, reconstruction of existing stations and stops, and upgrading of the overhead line and power supply system and the safety equipment. Taking into account the Feasibility Study prepared in the first phase of the project, the Designer had to prepare the permit plans for all railway and related, other sections of railway telecommunications and signalling, geotechnical, construction and demolition of elevated structures, railway construction, railway power installations and operation plans. In addition to conducting the EC (NoBo) and NSZ (DeBo) verification procedures for the authorisation design phase, we also provided a continuous project management and expert presence. For all three subsystems (Infrastructure, Energy and Track-side Control-Command and Signalling), we carried out the conformity assessment, and reported in detail the identified deficiencies and non-conformities to our Client and the Designer before issuing the Intermediate Statements of Verification (ISVs).

All this is also true for our other project, the Nagykáta-Újszász line, where our involvement as a Certifier was also indispensable. The main objectives of the design were to achieve a 120 km/h build-out speed on the entire electrified double track section (29 km) instead of the current 40/60/80 km/h, an increase in the axle load in stages (from 210 kN to 225 kN), the complete rebuilding of the safety equipment at Újszász station, the creation of the missing P+R and B+R parking areas, and the modernisation of the obsolete overhead line and power supply system. On the basis of the existing Feasibility Study, the Designer had to prepare the licensing plans for the railway telecommunications and signalling, geotechnics, construction and demolition of elevated structures, railway construction, railway power installations and operational plans.

As a NoBo and DeBo conformity assessment body, we fulfilled our certification tasks and obligations for both projects on time, issuing 12 Intermediate Statements of Verification (ISVs) for all subsystems on 22 August 2022.