The scope of activities of RailCert Hungary Kft. have been further expanded

Our domestic and foreign partners have already experienced in the past years that RailCert Hungary Kft. completes Projects on time  with the appropriate responsibility. When the company was founded in 2018, it set itself the goal of becoming an organisation that participates in national and international railway developments and contributes to the development of a more modern, faster and safer railway infrastructure. Railway conformity assessment is a specific and complex field with a strict legal environment, which, by requiring compliance with the relevant regulations and standards, will also allow the new facilities to bring hungarian railways up to European standards

Over the past almost 4 years, our organisation has grown dynamically, both in terms of the number of professionals and the scope of our activities. In addition to our initial national designation (DeBo) for infrastructure (INF), energy (ENE) and control, command, signalling and safety (CCS) subsystems, in 2021., we have achieved the status of Notified Body (NoBo) recognised throughout the European Union which allows us to carry out conformity assessments under EU regulations in addition to national rules. Last year, we became one of the first organisations in Hungary to be granted the right to carry out independent assessment activities as a designated AsBo organisation.

Where national rules apply, we, as a Designated Body (DeBo) test, check and assess the conformity of railway subsystems and constituents with the relevant technical specifications. In the case of an EC verification procedure, the interoperability of the subsystem concerned is checked in accordance with the requirements of the relevant provisions of European Union legislation as a Notified Body (NoBo), at the end of which an EC certificate of verification is issued to state the conformity of the subsystem with the essential requirements. At the end of the conformity procedure for the interoperability constituents identified in the TSI(s), the Applicant may also receive a certificate that is fully applicable in Europe.

As an AsBo organisation, we carry out an independent assessment as part of the risk management process for a change affecting the safety of the railway system. The main objective of the process is to give confidence to all Participants that the verification process will provide the best possible recommendation for safe operation within the rail industry.

From the very beginning, we have strived to be a comprehensive certification body for the rail industry, so we could not stop there. As a result of our work and efforts, in February  we received our DeBo designation for the fourth subsystem, for the Rolling Stock (RST).

From February 2022., we are now present in all areas of conformity assessment in railway projects and perform certification activities for INF, ENE, CCS and RST subsystems.